The Challenge: Final Reckoning Episode 3 Recap and Power Rankings

Always interesting to see who gets a seat at the table when the veteran teams gameplan.
While everyone else in the house has their detractors, Kam and Tori seem well-liked by everyone.
Natalie really needs a thesaurus so she can up with another word for “her game.”
It was odd that Kyle was seen as the one having all the power when Brad is the veteran in the pair.
Sure seems like these two got up early compared to the youngins of the house.
Haven’t seen this image before…
I always wonder how long they are sitting there waiting for TJ
They didn’t address whether the Power Team can use their double vote on two separate teams.
Britni calling Chuck “Charles” cracked me up.
The platforms lighting up under the pairs was awesome production design.
The elimination was cool in concept, but I had no idea what as going on.



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Robert McIntyre

Robert McIntyre

Self described Fantasy Football and The Challenge Expert, mostly incompetent at everything else.