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With Champs Vs seemingly not in MTV’s orbit any more, the universe has been searching for a replacement. After much clamoring from fans, cast members, and podcasting personalities, MTV appears to have delivered a spinoff that at the very least will feature many of the most prominent characters from the early days of the show the cast list is as follows:

KellyAnne Judd — Real World: Sydney

Aneesa Ferreira — Real World: Chicago

Katie Doyle — Road Rules: The Quest

Trishelle Cannatella — Real World: Las Vegas

Ruthie Alcaide — Real World: Hawaii

Arissa Hill — Real World: Las Vegas (2007)

Jemmye Carroll — Real World: New Orleans

Kendal Sheppard — Road Rules: Campus Crawl

Jonna Mannion — Real World: Cancun

Jisela Delgado — Road Rules: The Quest

Beth Stolarcyk — Real World: Los Angeles

Mark Long — Road Rules: The First Adventure

Alton Williams — Real World: Las Vegas

Darrell Taylor — Road Rules: Campus Crawl

Eric Banks — The Challenge: Fresh Meat

Teck Holmes — Real World: Hawaii

Laterrian Wallace — Road Rules: Maximum Velocity

Derrick Kosinski — Road Rules: X-Treme

Nehemiah Clark — Real World: Austin

Yes Duffy — Road Rules: Semester At Sea

Syrus Yarbrough — Real World: Boston

Ace Amerson — Real World: Paris

A few quick notes: Abram Boise, Casey Cooper, Ryan Kehoe, Heather Cooke, Sophia Pasqui, and Cohutta Grindstaff were all moved to quarantine but do not appear to be on the final cast. It also seems based on the numbers that it will be one of an individuals, pairs, or (please God no) Battle Of The Sexes style format competitively. I would have preferred to make Mark Long and Beth captains and have them draft teams, but there are still a lot more questions than answers in regard to the format.

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