The Challenge Vendettas Episode 10 Recap and Power Rankings

“Let me light him up”-Quite the prophetic statement from Devin here.
“I’m gonna put Johnny Cochran to shame”-Is Bananas angling for an appearance on Survivor?
Nelson after Devin tells him of the Kayleigh/Bananas relationship.
Nelson talking to Natalie.
Kam pushing Kailah inside while she’s shouting at Kayleigh.
The girls throwing Kayleigh’s suitcase over the rail.
Kayeigh returning from the hotel.
“Heroes will be remembered, legends never die”-Zach Nichols, paraphrased from The Sandlot.
Devin’s board at the start of the elimination.
Bananas’ board after Devin had already won.



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Robert McIntyre

Robert McIntyre

Self described Fantasy Football and The Challenge Expert, mostly incompetent at everything else.